Hollywood hair police

Most celebrities have a glam squad at the ready but that doesn’t always guarantee them a good hair day. In this episode, we invited celebrity hairstylist Michiko Boorberg along to play a game of Hair Police—like Fashion Police, but we traffic in hair crimes. See which stars get moving violations and which are free to carry on just the way they are.

Sometimes it’s about the hair styling. Sometimes it’s about whether or not a star’s hairstyle relates to her fashion. And sometimes it’s simply about the condition of  her hair— is it healthy and shiny or dry and damaged? All of these matters were taken into consideration by the Hair Police (aka me and Michiko) as we determined our positions. See what you think and tell us how you’d vote!

Christina Aguilera

The singer/actress/mom is clearly committed to being a Barbie-blonde but the result of all that bleaching is that her locks look over-processed and brittle. It’s hard to even critique her on cut or styling choices when all we can focus on is the fact that we want to slather her head with an emergency conditioning treatment.

The police say: Ticket!


Selena Gomez

Whether Ms. Gomez embraces her natural texture or goes for a stick-straight look, Selena’s hair always looks rich and glossy and her styling looks appropriately young and fresh.

The police say: Free to go


Miley Cyrus

The police had a debate about this one. Miley recently cut off a few inches (or took out some of her extra long extensions, we can't tell for sure) but Michiko is sticking to her assessment that Miley’s wild, too-long hair is not the most flattering option for her face shape.

The police say: Press charges!


Kristen Stewart

Kristen is a stunningly beautiful girl with magical eyes and a fun sense of fashion (Dolce & Gabbana, J.Mendel). That’s why we don’t get the fact that her hair doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Why go out in a sparkling, sexy gown if your hair doesn't look sparkling and sexy, too?

The police say: Ticket!


Katie Holmes

Versatile and classic are two adjectives that come to mind. Katie’s long, luscious hair looks amazing when it’s parted down the middle in big, fluffy waves or fixed in a messy updo. She never looks like she’s trying too hard. Her perfectly-imperfect tousles never look unkempt.

The police say: No charge


Taylor Swift

The thing about those signature curls is that they take A LOT of styling products plus significant time with a curling iron to create. Still, Taylor’s golden hair always looks as if it would feel like silk. Her girly vibe is what she’s best known for but we love it just as much when she gives us some fierce fashion and a stick-straight blow out to match.

The police say: no charge

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