Your Hair Dilemmas Solved!

Sarah Bernard
·Host of The Thread

When your hair looks good, it sets the tone for the day, don't you think? But a good hair day is not so easy to come by. My biggest issue is finding an efficient way to add volume to my hair that will last past lunchtime. In this episode I invited my hair mentor, celebrity stylist Mary Curran, to show me how I can solve my problem myself. Then I took my newfound skills to a Thread viewer's house and showed her how she could do the same! See if this solves some of your hair issues and if not, check out the blog below for Mary's answers to a whole range of common hair problems posted by our Facebook fans.

I love how my hair looks on "The Thread," but I have lots of help making it look good. When I'm trying to do my hair at home--that's another story. I try to add volume with a blow dryer, but half way through the day my hair inevitably goes up in a ponytail and stays there.

Mary Curran, my good friend and a celebrity stylist from Tosler Davis Salon, came by to show me how I can get a volumized long-lasting look with the right products and some styling tricks. Her solution was effective and surprisingly fun to do. To get started I needed the right products and a curling iron.

Step 1 was to prep my hair with Aussie Anti-Breakage Spray to shield it against any styling damage. Next, I flipped my hair over and used a blow dryer to add some heat to the roots. I let them cool before flipping back. I divided my hair into two sections--top and bottom. I secured the top section with a clip. Then I started to add curl to the bottom section with my curling iron. (Note: you don't need to use the clip, just wrap the hair over it and be careful not to burn yourself!) I started my curls at midshaft, not the root of a section, so I'd get that tousled look instead of Shirley Temple ringlets. As Mary said, I made sure to alternate the direction of my curls so they didn't look like perfect corkscrews. When I finished the top and bottom layers, I combed my fingers through my hair to loosen the curls and finished with Aussie Spray Gloss to add some sheen. The result was exactly what I was after: My hair had body and a great, unfussy style. It didn't take long to do, and it made it through the workday as well as my evening. Victory!
Maybe you have a different hair dilemma? Here are some questions from Thread viewers as well as answers from Mary. See if these apply to you. If not, post on our Facebook wall and we'll get your questions answered!

Hair dilemma from Jamie Scoville: "Frizzy naturally curly hair! I love my curls. I would just enjoy a less, shall we say, excited look!"

Solution: When your hair is wet, apply a curl cream. Using your fingers, twist sections of your hair in a curl pattern and let them air-dry. This will help tone down the curl. Avoid brushing.

Hair dilemma from Melissa Curby: "When I curl it at all it always falls within a few hours."

Solution: The key is product. If your hair tends to drop, use a mousse or alcohol-based styling thermal product prior to drying your hair. Try Aussie Heat Protecting Shine Spray. Curl with an iron and use a flexible aerosol hairspray to finish. If you have time, pin up the curls until they cool; that will make them last even longer.

Hair dilemma from Elana Ross: "I have thick long-ish wavy hair, and whenever it's wavy the waves flatten out. What can I use so it's still touchable (so like not hairspray) and the waves stay intact?"

Solution: Start with a curl shampoo and conditioner and follow them with a curl cream on damp hair rather than a finishing product (hair spray) once your hair is dry.

Hair dilemma from Michelle Lemech: "I have bone-straight hair with no body. It's impossible to style. It just hangs. Products make it too heavy to do anything. Open to suggestions."

Solution: I have the same problem! Apply a touch of thermal protective product on damp hair. (Alcohol-based volumizing products work best on fine, straight hair.) Tip your head upside down and dry your hair, being sure to focus on the roots. Once your hair is dry, remain upside down until the hair has cooled. Velcro rollers and a light, movable hairspray can do wonders for you if you have a night out!

Hair dilemma from Hessa Otaibi: "Greasy roots and dry ends. I apply the shampoo on my scalp only and the conditioner on the ends, but it doesn't work."

Solution: They make root-boosting products that will help dry the root and increase the volume. Try using a masque or deep conditioner on the ends rather than a daily treatment conditioner. You should also add a touch of Aussie Split-End Protector before styling. It should help!

Hair dilemma from Desiree Roberts: "My hair is extremely fine, thin, and dry, and I have what my mom calls my halo around my face because I have these little wisps that stand up straight if my hair is up/back. If it's down it's just really flat."

Solution: In many cases the fine hairs along the hair line can really be a challenge. Once your hair is pulled back you can use a fine-tooth comb and light hair spray to tame them down and smooth them out. Avoid conditioner on your scalp. Apply it only to the ends of your hair for moisture. Use volumizing products at the root to help with lift.

Hair dilemma from Felicia Nadezhda: "Waving up after being exposed to the slightest bit of humidity, no matter how much frizz serum, conditioner, I put in my hair.

Solution: Post-shower and conditioner, wrap your hair in a towel to absorb moisture and avoid rubbing the towel through your hair to dry. When straightening your hair, use lower heat settings and a mousse or frizz-control cream. Finish with Aussie Smoothing Serum. If it's still a problem, a keratin treatment would help tone down the frizz.

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