Best jewelry to flatter your hairstyle

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Most of us choose accessories based on what we're wearing, but here's another option: Base your jewelry choices on your hairstyle. It makes a lot more sense if you think about it. When your hair's up, suddenly earrings take center stage. If your hair is cascading onto your shoulders, put the focus on bracelets or rings that won't be hidden. In this episode we invited some fabulous Thread viewers to showcase the hottest fall hairstyles and the best jewelry options to go with them.

The Messy French Twist

We love the way bronze pieces look with this slightly roughed up version of a Kim Novak knot. The metal's imperfect vibe--as opposed to gleaming gold--mirrors the relaxed look of the updo. Chunky pieces like cuffs and chain-link necklaces are a nice complement to the more delicate hairstyle.

A Low, Loose Ponytail

When your hair is pulled back, make a glowing statement with a neon necklace— one of the season's extremely fun trends. Inexpensive options in head-turning colors, like yellow and orange, transform an otherwise simple wardrobe choice into something distinctive and trendy.

Mini Braids

Cute, quirky, and romantic is how we describe this trend, which we've seen all over the runways and red carpets for a while now. This season it's about adding a 1970s vibe with smaller braids that frame the face. The perfect accessory: cute, quirky, and romantic filigree pieces. Our favorite options are oversized stackable cuffs that have the feel of vintage but with modern materials.

The Slicked-Back Bun

If your hair is long enough, the classic ballerina bun is perfect for highlighting this fall's duster earrings--the kind that touch your shoulders. When your hair's completely out of the way, there's nothing to get tangled. So go BOLD. Balance the sweetness of the traditional look with something glittery and eye-catching.

Thank to Eliza, Lisa, and Courtney for their fantastic modeling skills. Do you have a fall hairstyle you'd like to accessorize? Let us know by posting on our Facebook wall.

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