Best jackets for your body type

The secret to looking your best is to dress for your body type. When we caught up with Rachel Zoe, she stressed that dressing to flatter your particular shape -- rather than simply falling victim to trends -- is her No. 1 fashion rule. We talk about this a lot when it comes to jeans and other clothing but the same rule holds true for when you're shopping for jackets and coats. And since that's what we're all in the market for right now, we thought we'd give you a little shopping primer. In this episode we've rounded up the best picks for six different body types and asked Thread viewers to model them for you. Thanks, ladies!

Think about how much time we spend in our coats. They shouldn't be an afterthought, right? They should be comfortable and flattering! The cut of a jacket can really enhance your look. It can also to the opposite. i.e. make you look dumpy and shapeless. They key is to shop with your body type in mind and look for a jacket shape that provides structural balance and trickery that works in your favor. Before you get out the credit card, determine which kind of shape you have. If you're larger in the hips and smaller on top, you're a pear. If you're narrow, long-legged and don't have much of a waist, you're in the tall and thin (aka "boyish") category. Here are some suggestions for cuts that will flatter your assets according to body type:

Tall and thin shape

If your frame is straight up and down, you want to add some volume to it. Double-breasted A-line coats with a 1960's feminine flair are my favorite option. Instead of playing it safe with back or a neutral, make your mark with a bright bold hue.


Apples are bigger in the middle, so look for a cut that creates the illusion of a nipped-in waist. The military trend is still going strong and a great choice would be a cozy army green parkas with a belt or a draw string that you can cinch in tight.

Full-figured shape

A structured peacoat that's cut at the hips will streamline your torso. For a twist on the traditional deep navy, take advantage of the colors that are available this season and go for something bright, like a peacock blue.


The pear-shaped girl is bigger on the bottom. An A-line shaped coat with bold patterns or button details will skim over the thighs and simultaneously draw the eye upwards towards your thinner half.

Hourglass shape

No cocoon coats for you! Look for a fitted coat, perhaps made with a stretch fabric that will accentuate your curves. A chic winter white trench is a perfectly lady-like option. Remember: Don't buckle the belt around your waist. You want to tie it in a knot instead.

Petite shape

The trick to appearing long and lean is to show off as much of your legs as possible. A cropped option like a snug-fitting motorcycle jacket with zipper detailing is so in fashion right now. You can indulge in real leather or choose a more affordable faux option. Try on a tan, gray or caramel jacket before you commit to the classic black.

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