Overalls Are Back with a Vengeance

1990s style has returned in a big way, with flannel shirts, floral babydolls, and Dr. Martins combat boots slowly taking over our wardrobes. But there's one item we wore in the '90s we truly haven't missed: overalls. Remember wearing overalls?! We had long ones, short ones, skirt ones, colorful ones, corduroy ones. Sometimes we'd even leave one strap unbuckled for cool points. (We know, these are memories best left forgotten.) We've seen them pop up again from time to time, but thankfully they never caught on. Then 3.1 Phillip Lim, one of the hottest, trend-setting designer brands, sent multiple pairs of overalls down the spring runways in pink suede, and even black leather! Ugh. They just hit retailers for a whopping $1,400 and are astonishingly already sold out. Other designers have followed suit, as Moschino, Isabel Marant, and MM6 by Maison Martin Margiela all have overalls in their spring collections, and bigger mass brands like Guess, Diesel, Joe's Jeans, AG Adriano Goldschmied, Free People, and American Apparel have jumped on board too.

'90s Beauty Looks We're Happy To See Again

With overalls flooding stores at ever price point, will women be able to resist their cozy charm or merely hop on board because it's simply the latest trend? Or will they take their blinders off and recognize that perhaps overalls are not flattering, and are best left to farmers? We felt it could go either way.

'90s Nickelodeon Star's New Adventures

Fearful of an overall apocalypse, we headed straight to New York Fashion Week to see what the knowledgeable fashion elite had to say. First up: the celebrities sitting front row. We figured if THEY all started wearing overalls, the trend might be cemented. Here's what they said:

Jada Pinkett Smith, actress and wife of Will Smith (pictured above) - "I still wear overalls. I wear G-Star overalls, real slouchy and loose with the crotch down to my knees. [Laughs] I do it '90s style. And my daughter Willow collects overalls at the flea markets. She likes getting vintage overalls, that's her new thing now."

Miley Cyrus - [while wearing a red sleeveless jumpsuit] "I feel like I'm wearing a chicer version right now. I'm into it! I kind of say anything the uglier the better. The more interesting."

Kristin Chenoweth - "I bought some at Urban Outfitters. They're denim, and I have to say, they're really cute. And I get asked everywhere where I got them."

Vanessa Hudgens -
"I rock 'em all the time. Yeah! With nothing else, or with anything. [Laughs] They're amazing."

Selita Ebanks, model -
"I styled recently a leather overall jumpsuit with a tapered ankle. That's pretty sexy with a very simple pump."

Shenae Grimes of "90210" -
"I have a pair or two. I think [I'd wear them with] a crop top and cute little booties for some height because it will shorten you wearing overalls."

Angela Simmons, designer and daughter of Reverend Run of Run-DMC -
"I like overalls if they're revamped. I like the leather overalls. I have a pair of Levi's overalls that I've had for a while, but I've been wearing them. They're kinda loose. I think loose is really cute, but fitted overalls is really cute as well, it depends on your style and how you do it."

Sammi Giancola of "Jersey Shore" - "Trends always come back. I actually like overalls. I'd definitely wear them!"

We can't believe it! Mega-successful pop stars, actresses, models, and reality show cast members are all drinking the Kool-Aid! But what did the real designers and fashion experts think? We decided to ask them next, since they had to have more sense. Right?

Nina Garcia, creative director at Marie Claire and judge on "Project Runway" - "Yeah, I do think you can wear overalls. I really like those Phillip Lim overalls from spring, and it's all about the styling. Probably with a leather jacket or a jacket over it. It depends on your age, but I think a nice masculine jacket over it would do the trick."

Rachel Roy, designer - "I'm putting some into my collection for Rachel Rachel Roy and I'm doing a variety. Some are '70s--very high, long and lean, very tight. I'm doing some that are super sexy--lower in the back, so there's no coverage in the back until the bum. I'm having a lot of fun with overalls for spring. They're denim, but I may experiment with some different materials because I am putting them into the collection after that as well."

Betsey Johnson, designer -
"I love overalls. Wear them, don't style them. It's a very real piece of clothing. Nothing underneath, a tube top underneath, a blouse underneath. Be creative! No rules!"

Rebecca Minkoff, designer -
"On the right person they can definitely be flattering. I would do a more fitted overall. Slimmer in the leg, not as baggy."

J. Alexander aka Miss J., fashion expert known from "America's Next Top Model" -
"My leather ones I left at home in Paris from Versace circa 1991. I don't have them! They're easy to wear, you can dress them up or down."

Lubov Azria, designer of BCBG -
"There's something about overalls that's cool. On the right girl it looks right. My kids are wearing overalls. I remember wearing overalls with Doctor Martin shoes, those were really cool!"

Seriously? Are we missing something. We're talking about OVERALLS, people! Look at the insanely stylish and beautiful women like Heidi Klum, Alexa Chung, and Liv Tyler wearing them. They hide their figures and look so frumpy! Finally we found just a few people who would rather die than wear overalls, or live through an overalls revival. Behold, the only three smart responses:

Nicky Hilton, designer and socialite -
"No! Never! Ever! I think I may worn them [in the past], yes. [Laughs]"

Phillip Bloch, stylist/style expert - "Yeahhh, overalls are great for farmers. The leather overalls, not really, unless you're in a shoot for Italian Vogue and you've got grease all over you. Then it's sexy."

Rebecca Taylor, designer - "Just don't do it! Seriously, don't do it! Unless you're a painter or some kind of workman. A one-piece with some waist-definition is great, but dungarees with the straps? Not good. I did wear them in the past--that's why I can speak with knowledge."

OK, so the verdict is in! Apparently many people love overalls, and we're overruled. But we don't care how popular they become, we refuse to wear them ever again. Would you?

For more '90s fashion trends that DON'T stink, check out the video below.

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