Our White Wishlist

Memorial Day is approaching and as the tired old rule says, we can finally wear white, again! We don't really believe in rules, especially ones that limit us to only bringing a certain shade out of our wardrobes during a few-months span.

White rules! We wore it all winter in cozy sweaters and skinny jeans. And now we're spending our paychecks on all the crisp, white offerings for summer. Let's start with the eight items above.

Leather mini-wedges, $100: White shoes used to feel so '80s to us; so Barbie's shoe collection. Now they just feel fresh and cool, and would be so great paired with a tailored shorts suit this summer.

Asymmetric wrap skort, $49.50: Everything about this skort is amazing. The wrap silhouette, the edgy points, the cheeky, short length made appropriate by the fact that there's extra coverage. Wear with a slouchy tee, chunky shoes and dainty jewelry.

Round sunglasses, $40: The best sunglasses to wear with white don't compete with the light palette. That's why these clear, white-ish frames are best.

Dress with hardware, $92: White dresses can sometimes feel TOO ethereal, too angelic. There's nothing sweet about this tank dress with punky silver hardware.

Tuxedo vest, $138: Treat this vest as you would a tuxedo jacket--a way to dress up a casual outfit. Throw it over a flowy dress or cutoffs for instant tailoring.

Woven saddle bag, $35: Western gear is making a comeback (see Isabel Marant) and for that reason we did a double take when we saw this whitewashed Western-style crossbody bag.

Cabochon earrings, $125: These smooth stone earrings set in 18K gold-plated brass would be lovely with a tan and a ponytail.

Baseball cap, $3: By now we all know how important it is to shield our skin from the sun. Hiding your mug under this hat is cute, sporty and ridiculously inexpensive.