Chanel's New Hula Hoop Bag is Insane

Many would consider Chanel the pinnacle of glam, to-die-for accessories, but we saw something a bit different from the brand's Spring 2013 collection yesterday. Namely, a colossal white quilted leather purse anchored between to two giant black hula hoops. We're intrigued, we're amused, and, perhaps most of all, we're confused.

Paired with a swimsuit on the runway at Paris Fashion Week, we're assuming this Chanel bag is intended for the beach. (If Kim Kardashian can park her Hermes Birkin in the sand, we suppose the 1% can bring giant Chanel bags to the shore too.) But this thing is HUGE. Yes, we've seen the Olsen twins cart around bags large enough to sleep in, but we'd estimate the diameter of this hula hoop purse at around three feet. Can it event fit inside a car door? Can it sit on your shoulder without falling off? Will it set off metal detectors? Would someone try to steal it more than a regular coveted Chanel bag?

Also: remember those gorgeous-but-bizarre Chanel shell clutches from their spring 2012 runway collection? The brand produced and sold them for a whopping $48,000. So no matter how impractical these hula hoop bags may be, we're confident they'll be available in Chanel stores come spring for an outrageous price. Another thing we're sure of: Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj duking it out over who gets to carry it first.