Don't Mind Us, We're Just Batting Our Lashes At Natasha Khan

We have a major style crush on Natasha Khan, the singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist known on stage as Bat for Lashes. Critics have likened the 33-year-old's moody yet dance-driven music to that of Bjork, Cat Power, Tori Amos and Fiona Apple. 

And her style is amazing. This floor-length, peach-toned, three-quarter sleeved column dress was made for her tiny frame. At any given moment in time, somewhere out there, there's a stylist ordering her client to "belt it!" --and Natasha is hip to that famous sartorial trick. The way she matched her 1970s-era boots to the belt makes the look feel so polished without being stuffy. But let's talk about that subtle Peter Pan collar and the long silver and gold hammered necklace she layered under it. Her subtle, personal jewelry and opalescent sheer nail polish is so feminine. 

And that HAIR. We all know that short styles are super hot right now, with models and actresses alike making the chop. We love this smoothed-out, flipped under, raven-hued version. It really complements her complexion and smudgy, cool girl eyeliner. 

In sum, we love her. And we weren't even jealous when we found out her she taught herself to play the piano at the ripe old age of 11. Eleven! Okay, maybe a little

Check out The Thread's Bat for Lashes Spotify mix!

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