What Kate Middleton and Prince William's Baby Might Look Like

·Claudine Zap

Now that Kate Middleton is officially pregnant with the next generation of royal offspring, we naturally want to know, what will the little prince or princess look like?

Luckily, we don't have to wait the requisite nine or so months to find out.

The website Morph Thing has done all the legwork, mashing together the features of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to come up with some likenesses of the potential child.

Morph Thing creator Charanjeet Kondal has taken the features of the famous adult faces and reimagined them fused together as the faces of a boy and a girl.

Oddly, the little boy in this experiment is darker haired and appears to look more like his mum.

The fair-haired girl carries more of the features of her famous dad and perhaps even her grandmother, the late Princess Diana. Kondal explained how he made the images in a press release.

"On each image focal features like the nose, eyes, mouth and eyebrows are taken and combined to find an average between them." He added, "That average is then taken from both images and then that average is combined to create the final image."

For now, made-up images will have to do as Kate's real baby bump grows.

[photo credit] Caters News