Work It, Girl: 3 Tips for Becoming a Mompreneur

3 Must-Read Tips For Work-at-home-mompreneurs
3 Must-Read Tips For Work-at-home-mompreneurs

Almost a year ago, I was named the Mompreneur of the Month by Tori Spelling on her website, ediTORIal. This was one of my "ahhh" moments. All the late nights, the long hours at my desk, the stress - it was all worth it. I was thrilled to be interviewed by Tori and share my story here along with plenty of tips on being a mompreneur and just why I do it - everyday.

As a mompreneur, you have two full-time jobs. You're not just running your own business but you're running a household too. And in my case, a household with 5 littles. Yes, it's not always easy. Yes, sometimes I want to scream. But, I don't buckle under pressure. I make it work because I have to provide for my family and well - because I love it. The number one thing you have to have is passion when it comes to successfully starting your own business. It won't happen without. Here's why - along with a few other tips to make it work! I promise, it's possible. And if you really don't believe me, I am always here to help you find your way to make it happen.

Find Your Passion :: Love What You Do
When it comes to starting your own business and working from home - you must love it. If you don't have passion for the business you are building, it won't be successful. You give what you get, you get what you give and I truly believe that - 100%. You won't pull sleepless nights for no reason. If you don't have the drive to make it work, you can bet it won't happen and things will quickly fall apart. Motivation is the key to success and you must have the passion to get yourself there. Find something that you love and run with it.

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Home Office :: Designated Space
You will never get anything done if you're working from your sectional in the playroom via your laptop. Yes, there have been times where I am working through dinner. i.e my laptop sits on the kitchen counter top while I am browning ground beef. But, you can't work like this all the time. Creating a home office is a must for all working at home moms. Not only does it help you focus, you won't have to worry about Yo Gabba Gabba causing you writers block or lack of concentration. By creating a space in your home to work from, you will stay organized and have a good center around your work. Since you aren't leaving your home to work, creating a designated space inside the home will help you stay focused. While many of you may not have an extra room for a home office, you may want to designate an area, even a small corner or an organized desk space as your home office. Whatever works for you to stay organized and focused. I think it really helps to be successful when working inside the home. Especially with littles.

Time Management :: Create a Schedule
Creating a schedule is the first thing you want to do when it comes to working from home. Because while you are working from home, you are running a household as well and still are a full-time hands on mom. It can be hard, believe me - I know. But, by creating a schedule and managing time wisely you can at some point, get a full nights sleep, if you're lucky!

While some days you may second guess yourself, I've been there, so take a moment to regroup - never give up. Quitting is a word I don't allow in my vocabulary. Remember, anything is possible! Don't let anyone dull your sparkle and always, always, follow your heart.

- By Casi Densmore-Koon
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