Get Your Bathroom Holiday Party-Ready

It's holiday-party season, and if you're throwing a celebration, you probably have a lot on your mind — food, drinks, decorations — but you might overlook one important room, the bathroom! Event planner Shawn Rabideau explains why it's important to get this room in party shape for your next big bash.

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"It's the one room, aside from your living room, that everyone's going to end up in!" Shawn says. "So you have to take care of it."

First, stock up on soap, toilet tissue, and disposable hand towels. "Nobody likes to put their hands on the cotton towels after everybody's been using them," Shawn says. Place disposable towels on a platter from your kitchen for an easy way to make things a little more elegant.

Second, don't be afraid to decorate the bathroom. Shawn suggests taking a wreath and hanging it over the mirror or on the wall as a statement piece. "You can have a lot of fun with it," he says. "You can use boughs, you can use ribbons … whatever you have."

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Third, keep your bathroom smelling fresh with a few simple tricks. Try making your own potpourri by going shopping in your kitchen cabinet. Shawn uses cinnamon sticks, cloves, and allspice, but encourages getting creative. He also recommends using candles for a warm atmosphere that also smells great. "You can pull back your shower curtain and fill your tub with water and float candles."

If you've ever fallen victim to an awkward bathroom walk-in, you might want to try Shawn's next idea: a festive hanging sign to place on the door handle, red on one side for when occupied, and green on the other to notify guests that the room is vacant.

Finally, don't stress out over cleaning the bathroom before a party. Shawn recommends doing a quick wipe-down and dimming the lights so that guests won't notice that you didn't bleach the whole room. Save the heavy cleaning until after the festivities.

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