Celebrity Trainer Jackie Warner’s Secrets for Rapid Weight Loss

This week, Summer Shape Up paid a visit to celebrity fitness trainer Jackie Warner to discuss her new book "10 Pounds In 10 Days," which divulges her secret formula for getting her star clients red carpet-ready. The program shows you how to lose a quick 10 pounds and how to continue losing weight over 30 days if you have more weight to lose. The book also includes simple food plans and workouts to enhance fat-burning and toning.

The New York Times best-selling author says her five "intensity techniques" are key to burning calories. These exercises jump start your metabolism and help make you look and feel better overall:

1. Cardio-acceleration: a short but intense cardio burst between strength-training exercises, such as jumping rope or using an elliptical machine.

2. High-intensity interval training (HIIT): alternating bursts of high-intensity and low-intensity aerobic activity, such as alternating a three-minute jog with a one-minute sprint.

3. Supersets: sets of two different exercises for the same muscle group back to back, then doing two more exercises for a different muscle group, without any rests between sets.

4. Full-body circuit: performed twice during each 10-day period. Do ten or more exercises virtually nonstop, such as bicep curls, military presses, deep squats).

5. Rest-pause to 100 reps: this method involves stopping when you've reached failure in a set, resting for a short period of time, then continuing for as many reps as you can until you reach 100 reps total.

To complement working out, Jackie's 10 x 10 program includes a balanced and nutrient-rich diet. You can follow either her 10-day diet at 950 calories per day, her 20-day diet at 1,200 calories, or her 30-day diet at 1,500 calories. Jackie also created her own line of wellness and nutritional products to help maximize the body's ability to keep the pounds off.

To learn more about "10 Pounds In 10 Days," you can buy the book at www.jackiewarner.com and follow her on twitter @jackiewarner10.