7 Quick Ways to Fix a Beauty Blunder

Stuck in a beauty bind? Try one of these tricks!
Stuck in a beauty bind? Try one of these tricks!

Even the most put-together chicks can get stuck in tricky beauty situations. And, when you don't have your full hair and makeup arsenal on-hand, those OMG moments (wine teeth, anyone?) can be even harder to bounce back from. That's why we pumped experts for their top-secret skills-whip these out next time you're in a bind.

By Korin Miller

You Got Caught In The Rain-And Your Hair Is Soaked
First, don't freak. The wetness can actually give you a sexy disheveled look when your locks finally dry, says stylist Matt Fugate of Sally Hershberger Downtown. When you can, take cover and quickly wring out your hair. Then, smooth it back with your fingers and twist it into a knot at the top of your head, securing it with bobby pins, if you have them (if not, use an elastic). Pulling your hair back ASAP helps keep some parts dry to save the volume. When you're finally indoors, let your bun air-dry and then shake it out. You should have a loose, messy texture that's perfect for going out.

You Picked A Zit Scab On Your Face
Unfortunately, these babies can bleed-a lot-and you can't cover it up until the gushing stops. Applying pressure to the spot will make it scab over again quickly, says Dr. Anne Chapas, a dermatologist in New York City. If you're at a bar, head to the bathroom (you can blame the "long line" if you're gone for a while) and hold a paper towel against the zit. After five minutes, gently dab concealer over the area and follow with a loose powder. When you get home, slather healing ointment like Aquaphor over top twice a day until it heals.

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You Have Raccoon Eyes After Crashing At Your Guy's Place
Scrubbing your face will wipe off all your makeup-it's best to opt for a slightly smudgy look instead, says Ricky Wilson, Dior Beauty's celebrity makeup artist. If you're already in the bathroom, raid his medicine cabinet for petroleum jelly and cotton swabs. Place a small amount (the size of a pencil point) on a swab and use it to clean off your eyeshadow and whatever has landed on your cheeks, leaving your mascara and a tiny bit of eyeliner intact. Use a tissue or tp to wipe off the excess and, using your finger, rub the edge of your eyeliner leftovers to blend them into your lids. You'll end up with a subtly sexy morning after look.

You Wake Up Late For Work...With Greasy Hair
It's time to reach for your improv skills. If you have dry shampoo, whip it out, says Fugate. Since you're short on time, focus on making the surface of your hair look amazing with the spray-it'll cover up the rest of your still-greasy hair. Target the roots, spray, let it dry for three minutes, and then brush it out. No dry shampoo? A sprinkle of baby powder will work, too. Then use a focal point change, like a braid around your hairline or bobby pins that add flair to your bangs. If all else fails, pull your locks back into a sleek bun.

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You Have Pinot Noir Teeth
Wine-stained chompers happen, but they're not pretty. If you're out at dinner or happy hour when you notice you have them, Wilson recommends asking the bartender for a lemon slice and snagging a little table salt to take to the bathroom. Sprinkle the salt on the lemon and rub it back and forth across your teeth. The acid in the fruit breaks down the wine residue and the salt helps scrape it off. Then, rub the unsalted side of the lemon on your tongue for fresh breath. Rinse out your mouth with water, and you're good to go.

You Have a Ponytail Bump From The Gym...And No Time To Shower
First, rinse off your face, chest, and underarms with a damp cloth. Then, tackle your 'do. Shake out your ponytail and flip your hair over. Using your fingers, Fugate recommends roughing up your roots-it'll make your pony crease look less obvious. Then, gather your locks into a low ponytail and secure it with the band. Scrunch the tail up with your fingers for texture. Finally, wrap a strand of hair around the band for a polished look. The overall look is chic and flirty.

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Your Lipstick Rubbed Off
It sucks when you leave your place with a gorgeous pout, only to have it completely gone an hour later (and-oops-you left your lip color at home). Stuck at work? Raid the office sweets stash for red hard candies or a lollipop, says Wilson. Then, lick the candy and rub it back and forth across your pout like lipstick. It'll leave a nice stain for hours. No candy? Hit the vending machine for cranberry juice or fruit punch and dab a few drops on your lips. Follow up with lip balm, if you have it, for a glossy finish.

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