Vegan Cookbook Review: Healthy Voyager's Global Kitchen

global kitchen
global kitchen

Ever tried being vegan on vacation?

I'll be the first to admit that trying to avoid cheesy happy hour apps can feel like kicking a bad habit.

Remember those spicy meatballs you ate while vacationing in Rome? The tamales you couldn't get enough of on your honeymoon in Mexico? We all have those dishes that seem totally off-limits once we go vegan, but the latest cookbook we're digging says it ain't so.

Cultured Cooking

The Healthy Voyager's Global Kitchen Cookbook (from our very own Carolyn Scott-Hamilton) includes 150 plant-based recipes from around the world. With vegan versions of international dishes (and additional versions for gluten-free, diabetics, low fat and other restricted diets), we're pretty stoked we can now act like cultured gals when our hoity-toity neighbors come over for dinner.

The Food

Ever wanted to veganize empanadas? Tiramisu? Crepes, pupusas or chana masala? Me too. Each chapter is devoted to a specific region and includes recipes for that country's most flavorful fare. My first crack was at the "Plentiful Paella." I felt super worldly and sophisticated while making it (maybe it was the wine), and I'm pretty sure me and my man both had seconds. Ok, thirds.

The Appeal

So it's got dishes from more than 20 countries, and Carolyn does a good job providing background info on each country's cuisine. While it appeals to those who want to branch out from the same old tired vegan stuff, it's also incredibly helpful for you newbies (with kitchen lists, stocking essentials, etc.). Another plus? It's like a bible for anniversary, birthday or other special-occasion vegan meals (red velvet cake, gals!).

The Verdict

We're loving the vegan take on flavorful, colorful, unique dishes from around the world. All recipes are free of animal products, and each one includes a legend showing other special diets that can join the fun: gluten-free, diabetic, soy-free and raw-foodies. While a lot of these recipes will require a time investment (and some ingredients you might have to hunt for), Carolyn includes a bunch of helpful resources, like recipes for egg white substitutes, vegan cashew cream, vegan evaporated milk and so on.

It may not be a daily resource, but it sure has our vote for amazing cuisine we'd be confident serving to the picky in-laws or those food-snob women at our next dinner party.

Want more of Carolyn's vegan recipes? Visit our site!

Mara Tyler
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