User food review: Retro Twinkies Are Back!

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Everybody is obviously familiar with what has become known as the normal flavor of Twinkies, but for many of you out there that statement is completely wrong because the true original flavor had a banana filling. Hostess is following what many other food companies are currently doing, and rolling out some of their retro products in hopes of capturing that feeling of "everything was better when I was a kid" type motto. So for the current generation of people who think that the original Twinkies are made from vanilla crème, think again and keep reading to get a lesson in what the original flavor of Twinkies is.

The original Twinkie not only has nostalgia with it now, but an awesome flavor of banana that goes along with it. We'll maybe it isn't awesome tasting but it tastes good and is only around until June 11th so if you want to try it out, you better hurry up. The taste is pretty much what you would expect it to be in that it has a banana taste that pairs well with the spongy cake; and that being said the texture is the exact same as with the vanilla crème filling. So what you can expect from this product is a banana flavor with the same texture that you have come to know and love from the Twinkie brand; everything else aside this is nutritionally awful but will help some people lose up to 20 pounds in a year! Did anyone else read that article? Overall (4 out of 5).

The pros were that it had a strong banana flavor, nice spongy texture, has nostalgia.

The cons are that its limited edition, and nutritionally awful.

  • Calories 150

  • Fat 5g

  • Sodium 210mg

  • Carbs 27g

  • Fiber 0g

  • Sugar 17g

  • Protein 1g