Pizza Hut's Double Sensation Pizza: Would You Eat This?

Pizza Hut has one-upped itself with a new offering from its Singapore stores: A fully loaded pizza with a second fully loaded pizza baked right into it. They call it "The Double Sensation Pizza" and critics are impressed, confused, and hungry.

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"Yes, this is the Inception pizza the world has been waiting for," cheered Amy McKeever at Eater.

"The Double Sensation Pizza is less of a pizza and more just a bunch of seemingly random things thrown on top of and stuffed into a pizza crust," writes Chris Morran at The Consumerist.

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The Double Sensation's outer crust is filled with mozzarella, Parmesan, and cheddar cheese, which oozes out from strategically placed notches all the way around the edge. The smaller crust is stuffed with a chicken sausage that is itself stuffed with bits of cheese. The entire thing is liberally covered in pepper-Alfredo sauce, salsa sauce, smoked chicken, turkey ham, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers and zucchini. This is knife-and-fork pizza, not pick-it-up-and-eat-it-with-your-hands pizza. Also: There's a maraschino cherry on top.

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"Surprise your taste buds with every bite this festive season!" reads the ad. The gut-busting pizza costs about $22 and can be purchased as part of their Christmas Bliss deal, which means they throw in at a side of chicken wings and a side of "mini hash browns." (It's available only through the end of December.)

Singapore food blogger SG Complain Queen was invited to taste-test the pizza before it launched. "Seriously, no words in the dictionary is/are enough for me to describe the feeling when I took my first bite," she raves. She calls the toppings "the most perfect combination ever in pizza history," insists that "the pizza tastes as good as it looks or even better," and notes hat the Pizza Hut crew can put together the complex concoction in about three minutes.

Pizza Hut USA did not return a call from Yahoo! Shine on Friday, so no word on whether we'll be seeing anything similar in the States. But that's OK. Their Stuffed Crust pizzas, Ultimate Cheese Lover's pizza, Meat Lover's pizza, and Veggie Lover's pizza are all available in American stores -- we can always order a couple of different sizes and stack them together ourselves.

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