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Birthday Cake M&M's
Birthday Cake M&M's

Following the pumpkin spice-flavored M&M's that were released this fall at Target, it was announced that Mars Inc. will be rolling out with new flavor: birthday cake.

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According to Candy Blog, this new flavor will be released in May 2014 and it is unknown whether the "birthday cake" flavor is vanilla, chocolate, or something else. (We hope it tastes like the birthday cake truffles from Momofuku Milk Bar).

As of now, it is also unknown whether this will be a limited time release or permanent addition to the M&M's collection.

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Candy Blog also reported that M&M's will also be re-introducing Mega M&M's in peanut and chocolate flavors. There will be three times the chocolate in each of them, and larger peanuts as well.

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According to The Daily Mail, past M&M's limited-time-only flavors included mint chocolate, orange chocolate, wild cherry, raspberry, and candy corn.

With birthday cake options like Oreos already in circulation, it seems like this flavor is truly having its moment in the sun. And who doesn't like birthday cake?

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-Samantha Neudorf, The Daily Meal

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