The Iowa State Fair

Attracting over one million people each year, the Iowa State Fair is one of the largest in the country. Here, the people of Iowa come out to celebrate the state's agriculture in some pretty creative ways. One of the longest standing traditions at the fair is the butter cow. The butter cow is a tradition that began in 1911 where a life size cow is sculpted out of butter and put on display at the fair. Over 600 pounds of butter is used to make the butter cow. But butter isn't just a sculpting medium at the fair, it is also the key ingredient to the fair's most infamous "food on a stick" - deep-fried butter on a stick. To make this treat, Fyfe Concessions dips 1/8 th of a pound of butter into a cinnamon and honey flavored cake-like batter and deep-fries it. Since the butter melts from the heat of the fryer, it ends up tasting like the most buttery cinnamon roll you have ever had.

But deep-fried butter was only one of over 60 foods on a stick. Here's a list of some of our favorites:

Pork chop on a stick

Deep-fried Twinkie on a stick

Double bacon wrapped corndog

Salad on a stick

Cheese on a stick (deep-fried of course)

Deep-fried Snickers on a stick

Chocolate dipped S'mores on a stick

Deep-fried pineapple on a stick

It's no wonder that this year's theme for the fair was "It's Fairlicious", because it certainly was (although don't plan on sticking to your diet!).

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