Guy Fieri Parody Menu Prompts Big Online Laughs, with a Side of Accusations

Seems like Guy Fieri just can’t catch a break. First, his new Manhattan restaurant, Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar, gets slammed with the worst (and funniest) review ever. Now the place is being raked through the coals by a jokester who created a bogus restaurant website—with a hilarious fake menu—simply by purchasing the restaurant’s domain name.

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“Guy Fieri didn't register his restaurant's domain name, so I picked it up. I think this new menu looks great,” tweeted Bryan Mytko, identified in his profile as a Brooklyn-based programmer. (While Mytko purchased this website, the restaurant itself uses this one.)

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While real menu items at Guy's include Dragon Chili Cheese Fries, Ain't No Thing Butta Chicken Wing and "Awesome" Pretzel Chicken Tenders, a choice item on the parody menu is Football: The Meal ($19.95). It's described as "warm, broken hamburgers, served in a clear plastic bag enclosed in a larger, black trash bag. Thrown at you from 40 yards.” There's also “Reno!!! ($26.50), popcorn crusted popcorn chicken stuffed inside Guy's Nuthin' Fancy Meatloaf and superbanged in a volcano of Tabasco butter. We pour it into a Lucite heel, smother it with our own special jalapeno sugarbrew, and set it on your lap on a neon sign. Served drunk and on fire. Add a Cinnabon and two more Cinnabons, $4.95.” 

But wait—hold the laughs! Because it turns out that Mytko may actually be a joke thief, which, lucky for the oft-ridiculed chef, has landed Mytko in the hot seat instead of Fieri this time around.

According to the Tweets of someone with the screen name Amanda Hugankiss (as in “I need a man to hug and kiss”), Mytko plagiarized (if that’s the right word for Tweets?) every single crack in his menu, lifting from a variety of old tweets of hers and others. She even created a diagram of Mytko’s menu that sources every joke to another person.

The parody menu - Click for bigger version
The parody menu - Click for bigger version

“In September, I made this menu,” Hugankiss told Yahoo! Shine in a Twitter direct message, linking to a parody page she created in honor of Fieri’s new eatery. “Other people did similar things when the restaurant opened up,” Hugankiss added, including Twitter users with the screen names Wild Yeast Sourdough and Primus Homo. Then, she continued, someone by the name of Pauline Vassiliadis compiled all the jokes and posted a fake Fieri menu on Facebook “as her own work,” after which Mytko registered the domain and posted the image as his work. “So they’re both a**holes, I guess,” said Hugankiss. “As for me, I am a jokeperson who tweets semi-anonymously because people are megacreeps.”

Vassiliadis did not respond to a message from Yahoo! Shine. Neither did Mytko (though he has tweeted that he had no idea that the ideas belonged to others). And neither did a publicist for Fieri (remember him?).

A manager at Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar was in no mood to chat about the menu parody with Yahoo! Shine, saying only, “We are aware of it and our legal department is handling it," before hanging up the phone.

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