Crazy Starbucks Orders: Mission, Impossible

Foam on the bottom, please...
Foam on the bottom, please...

Have you ever stood behind someone in a line at Starbucks while they rambled on with a ridiculously complicated order? As annoying as it is for you (especially at eight o'clock in the morning), just think about how the barista must feel. Even worse, some orders defy the laws of physics and get followed up with a request "to see the manager." Recently, a Redditor asked, "Have you ever had a customer make an impossible request [at Starbucks]?" The thread was picked up by a barista blog called Starbucks Gossip. Read these before you order that sugar-free chai latte:

Some woman wanted a white mocha with whipped cream on the top and the bottom of her drink. Really? I'll put it on the bottom but it sure as hell is not going to stay there. -austinontheinternet

Grande no foam cappuccino.... I was like seriously?...and then she's said well it gets less milk than a latte... and I was like yup sure does... but it's replaced BY FOAM. maj460

I had someone come in and ask me for a mocha frapaccino with no ice. I told him that they are made blended with ice, without the ice you are drinking base, mocha, a splash of milk and some coffee base. He said, "The other Starbucks does it all the time…."Dubslutt

Speaking of ice…

Had a customer today order a grande pike [Pike's Place Roast] with 5 ice cubes in it but he didn't want the ice cubes to "get all tiny"...what? kelseykaye94

I once had a woman order an iced drink, but wanted the ice not to float to the top. Best part about this was my (former) manager was there and looked at me with this expectant look on her face, nodding like, "Sure, you're smart, you can do that, right? Just say yes!" -suddenyesterday

And finally…

Iced Americano, no espresso. Umm, it's called WATER. -Sebastian-M

What's the silliest Starbucks order you have ever heard? Please leave in the comments below.

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