Are These the Best Ribs in America?

Oklahoma Joe's
Oklahoma Joe's

There are few things in life more delicious and satisfying than a plate of barbecue. And more often than not, the centerpiece of that plate is a rack of ribs. A glistening, smoky, slow-cooked rib, whether pork or beef, has the potential to be one of the most groan-inducingly good foods in existence, especially when enjoyed with a cold, easy-drinking beer. But who makes the best ribs in America? And what exactly makes a perfect rib?

According to some of the country's leading experts, tenderness, sauce-to-meat ratio, smokiness, and good charring. With those parameters in mind, we set off to find the country's best ribs, building on 2011's list and ranking them according to local renown, critical appraisal, and adherence to the criteria set forth by our panel of experts.

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Our selection for the Best Ribs in America for 2013:

Oklahoma Joe's, Kansas City, Kansas

In a city renowned for its pork ribs, the ones at Oklahoma Joe's are simply the best, and were on more than one of our panelists' lists. Boasting a deeply burnished shade of red thanks to a rub heavy with paprika, cumin, brown sugar, and chili powder, these ribs also happen to be picture-postcard-perfect to look at, and you'll most likely find yourself snapping a photo of them before you even take that first bite. And once you do, you'll learn what the fuss has been about. Moist, juicy, smoky, tender - all those adjectives you thought you knew the definition of will only conjure one image in your mind from here on out: Oklahoma Joe's pork ribs. They're the best you'll ever have.

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-Dan Myers, The Daily Meal

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