Art Made of Bacon

Blue Ribbon Hunter

Mosaic portrait artist Jason Mecier is most known for his creative celebrity portraits made from the celebrity's own trash, but he is always experimenting with new mediums. He has done a Martha Stewart portrait out of veggies, Rachel Ray made out of beans and noodles, and Rosie O'Donnell out of junk food. We met with him the other day for the reveal of his most recent food portrait: Kevin Bacon made out of bacon!

When you look at it up close, it looks like a box filled with bacon, but take a step back and there he is! A perfect representation of Mr. Kevin Bacon. Jason used fifteen pounds of bacon to complete the piece. The lighter colored sections, such as the skin on Kevin Bacon's face, were made with raw, fatty pieces of bacon that were cut with scissors to the right shape. The background of the portrait was made with perfectly cooked bacon that all blends together to be a solid reddish-brown. The darker sections, such as his hair, pupils, and darker shadows around his face were made with varying degrees of burnt bacon. He used hot glue to keep the bacon in place.

Now how long will this last? Not very long. In fact Mr. Bacon is already in the trash, but Jason knows that this is part of the joy and sorrow in working with food. He made sure to take some nice photos of the masterpiece that he could replicate in poster form, and then said his farewells.

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