10 Jaw-Dropping Wedding Cakes

These original and outrageous cakes will knock the socks off newlyweds and guests alike
These original and outrageous cakes will knock the socks off newlyweds and guests alike

Wedding cakes are a rite of passage for any newlywed couple. On the big day, the cake is sliced and admired, and a year later, the couple breaks out the leftovers to celebrate their first anniversary. Though the ritual remains, the appearance of a wedding cake has not stayed the same. In recent years, the classic three-tiered tower with all the bridal fixings has taken a turn… for the crazy.

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While the quintessential tiered tradition is always accepted and still seen at many weddings, it's the creative, out-of-the-box cakes that are catching everyone's attention. These extravagant confections come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, depending on the couple's hobbies, interests, and themes.

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With shows like Cake Boss, Top Chef: Desserts, and Ace of Cakes taking over the airwaves, it's nearly impossible for viewers and engaged couples alike to not want to take their cakes to the next level. With that, we present this list of 20 odd-ball, outrageous, horrifying, and truly original wedding cakes. View it for inspiration or entertainment, but let it serve as an example of what a little imagination and a lot of sugar can do.

Let them eat wedding cake - on with the list!

Baked With Love
Baked With Love

Rice Krispies Love
Talk about snack-a-holics. This Rice Krispies Treat cake made an appearance at the wedding of two people who really know how to snap, crackle, and pop.

Bride's Big Day
Some may say that the big day is all about the bride - we, here at The Daily Meal beg to differ. A wedding is a joint celebration; it's about two people. Though if you love a good wedding dress, maybe this mannequin is for you.

Rainbow Romance
Houston bakery Rise and Shine walked into the world of Technicolor when they made this cake. No, no, don't be fooled - those aren't Skittles - each little ball is a different-hued piece of fondant. Talk about ombré.

Pink Cake Box
Pink Cake Box

Till Death Do Us Part
Guess what holiday this bride and groom had their wedding on? That's right - Halloween. Going for gore, they modeled their cake after one they saw on Food Network. This scary guy was made by Pink Cake Box.

Feeling a little whimsical? If unsure of a filling, a color, a theme - or really anything at all when it comes to designing the cake - just mix it up, literally.

Not into sweets at all? Think like a mouse and go for the cheese. Cheese, dried fruits, and nuts - slice into this savory creation and be remembered for originality.

Yes, this is a wedding cake, crafted by Connecticut-based J-Cakes. Note to the groom: Don't anger your bride…

Here's a Disney-loving couple that modeled their entire wedding after the beloved animated movie, Up. Get playful with fillings, frostings, and colors and make sure to hold on to the top tier - it might fly away.

It's All Downhill.
Into extreme sports? This couple, too. No novices to a little speed and uphill battles, they used a play on words with a sign that reads, "It's all downhill from here." No truer words have been spoken - just kidding!

Super Romance
A couple bonds over common interests, this couple bonded over video games. What better way to portray it then with the quintessential prom king and queen of the console - Super Mario and Princess Peach?

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- Francesca Borgognone, The Daily Meal

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