This $130,000 Platinum Wedding Cake is Outrageous!

In these economically challenging times, many cringe at the costs of weddings. Imagine spending $130,000 - on the cake alone! Draped in stunning platinum necklaces, pendants, and pins, this white wedding cake is worth more than $130,000. Edible platinum flakes boosted the price of this $130,000 cake that's covered in plain white frosting and fondant, and fine necklaces and pendants brought an additional dose of elegant class to this luxurious (mostly) edible creation.

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In 2007, Japanese pastry chef Nobue Ikara created this jaw-dropping creation to be showcased by Platinum Guild International, a company that at the time was encouraging more and more people to buy platinum jewelry. According to, the cake itself was dedicated to several famous Japanese women, including actress Rinko Kikuchi (from Babel) and model Chie Kumasawa.

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Since 2007, the idea of dressing wedding cakes in jewelry and rhinestones has been a hot one, and it's still going strong six years later in 2013. If you're feeling particularly trendy and want to wow crowds, look to the Internet for amazing "cake rhinestone belts" and "cake broaches" on websites like Couture Cake Jewelry.

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-Montana Marie Rispoli, The Daily Meal

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