105-Year-Old Woman Claims Bacon is the Secret to Long Life


First an 101-year-old lady proved to us that four drinks a day is totally OK, and now an 105-year-old is saying bacon is her secret to long life. Say what?

According to HLN, 105-year-old Pearl Cantrell credits her lengthy life to her love for bacon, as she eats the cured pork meat every day, which got her through "decades of hard work."

Naturally, this goes against every other study out there that says that processed meats actually decrease life span. The most recent study found that 4 pounds of uncooked bacon a day would actually kill a human, which is, admittedly, a lot of bacon.

Other studies have pointed out that eating an additional 1.7 ounces of processed meats leads to a 19 percent increase in pancreatic cancer risk.

Cantrell has, however, outlived three of her seven children, endured years of physical labor working in a field, and is still up and running (and eating bacon every day). We'll just add it to our list of supposedly life-lengthening foods (including Roquefort cheese, boiled Greek coffee, and wine). The science doesn't back this up, but we can hope.

-Jessica Chou, The Daily Meal