Wait, What?! Jennifer Aniston’s Secret Beauty Weapon is from Mars

By Megan Segura, Daily Makeover

We've heard before that Jennifer Aniston spends over $100,000 a year on her beauty routine, but this latest rumor about the star is quite surprising. According to the Daily Mail, the actress uses $450 neck cream made from crystals from Mars.

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Wait, what?
Euoko Y-42 Fractional Neck Lift Concentrate lists "Discovered-on-Mars Iron Rose Crystal from Effusive Magma Rock in Hydrothermal Seams" as one of its ingredients. While we're a bit skeptical of such a ridiculous sounding ingredient, we do have to admit that Jennifer's neck looks pretty good, even at age 44.

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Is a wrinkle-free neck worth $450 a month to you?
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