How Urine Can Be Used to Give You Healthy Skin
How Urine Can Be Used to Give You Healthy Skin
How Urine Can Be Used to Give You Healthy Skin


People spend thousands of dollars to look beautiful and have shiny skin. At times, beauty treatments do not result in anything more than depression. Skin related problems like acne and spots are very common and there are several beauty products, medical treatments, and home remedies available for them.

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However, since there are so many options, most people find it difficult to choose the right one. If you are also among such people then you have reached the right page. A very new and unique method to have a clear skin is the urinotherapy, which includes the usage of the urine in two different ways.

One can drink his or her own urine or apply it on the affected areas. Urine is a powerful cure to many diseases, due to the presence of antibodies and rich nutrients. It also has several minerals that are very healthy for the skin. Its continuous use can give great results.

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Given below are five important tips regarding urinotherapy. Make sure that you follow them all when you decide to turn to urine for a healthy skin.

Use the First Urine of the Day

It is better to use the first urine of the day because it is highly concentrated and rich in antibodies and nutrients. It gives better and quicker results. However, if you forget to store it the first time, then you may use the urine secreted at anytime of the day.

Remember to always use the urine within the first few hours of the storage to get the best results.

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Acne and Dry Layer Treatment

Urine is a very good treatment to acne. It is caused by sebum, which is produced by the sebaceous gland. You can apply urine on the affected area and the enzymes present in it will reduce the production of the oily substance, sebum. Many experts believe that it is the best acne treatment.

In the same way, urine can be applied on dead skin which may be located on any part of your body. You can apply it using cotton and leave it on for 15-20 minutes to dry before washing.

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Clearer and toned skin

Urine can also be applied to treat scars, pimples, and other skin problems. It is a proven treatment; however, the results might take a few weeks to show. Urine is mainly composed of water, urea, minerals, and enzymes. The biggest advantage of using urine is that it does not cause any chemical reaction and has no side effects due to its natural composition. All the chemicals present in urine are healthy and clear the skin.

It can also be used as a toner, as it kills the harmful bacteria on your skin and keep it healthy and clean.

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The idea of applying urine on your skin may sound absurd. But, it is the one that truly works. Don't consider your urine worthless. Start using it today and you will notice a visible change within a few weeks.

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