Styling Your Hair in Outer Space and Other Bizarre Locales

Washing and styling your hair feel like a time-consuming chore sometimes. But, what if there was no gravity in the bathroom? Karen Nyberg, an astronaut currently aboard the International Space Station (ISS), has figured out how to keep her hair freshly groomed despite this unusual dilemma.

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She recently posted a YouTube video in which she shares her hair washing techniques while in outer space, and it is downright fascinating! Since there's no running water, Nyberg has to rely on things like bagged water and no-rinse shampoo to get her through the day. It's definitely challenging, but perhaps no more so than having to do your hair while camping or stranded on an island. Just to prove it, we've rounded up six worst-case-scenario locations for hair styling and how to make yourself look fab in dire situations. Thank us later.

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1. Outer space While using bagged water and no-rinse shampoo may sound like no big deal, try doing so in a weightless environment. Once that little thing called gravity disappears, things get a bit trickier as your hair stands on end and even water can float away from you. Nyberg makes the most out of her situation by relying on a towel to rub out some of the dirt from her strands.

2. In a public restroom The best thing about a public bathroom? There's usually electricity! Rid yourself of any cowlicks with a light splash of water, and then bust out your travel-sized hot tools. Straighten your hair with a mini flat iron, (and don't forget to use hand sanitizer on your way out). (Amika Hot Pink Mini Styler + Bag, $45,

3. In the car Don't try to style your hair while driving, but there are those times where you might be sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic with no end in sight. Such a bummer, especially when it's cutting into your beauty prep time. This is when cordless irons are your friends. They allow you to straighten and curl your hair on the go, without the need of an outlet. (Conair Pro Cordless 3/4-inch Straightener, $28.99,

4. On an airplane Because of all the liquid restrictions, trying to style your hair on a plane can be a serious hassle. With no hairspray or even a tiny container of mousse what's a girl to do? First, bring a great hairbrush or comb-sitting for so long will flatten out your hair. Another genius FAA approved product: hair shine paper. These sheets add extra shine and eliminate static, which can lead to frizz and flyways. Simply smooth over the hair after brushing. (Ted Gibson Hair Styling Sheets, $25,

5. Camping in the woods It can get pretty wild out there, but that doesn't mean your hair has to look nuts! Without the luxury of running water you can bid your morning showers goodbye. Instead, turn to dry shampoo. These will help to soak up any excess oils in your hair, and add texture to fine, limp hair. Just spray your roots, tousle and go. (Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo, $4.49,

6. When competing on "Survivor" This may sound a little extreme, but how would you "survive" without beauty products? This is when you rely on mother nature to help you out. If you're on an island, rock some beachy waves by using a bit of saltwater from the ocean to enhance your nature hair. If you're extra lucky, mix this together with a bit of conditioning coconut milk, smooth onto strands, and let dry. If you happen to be in a rough, dry climate like the desert, the weather will make hair prone to breakage. Search for succulent plants like aloe to break and slather on, as they'll draw moisture into the hair, and keep your hair up in a bun or braided to lock it in.