Lady Gaga's Makeup Secret

Alexandra Samuel, SELF magazine

People think my gig is way glamorous, which--let's be real--is not always the case. But when I do have a "Holy crap, this is so insanely cool" moment, it basically makes my life. My latest I-heart-my-job perk? Getting a little one-on-one Skype time with Sarah Tanno, the amaze makeup artist responsible for Lady Gaga and her dancers on tour. I got all kinds of good info from her, but one tip in particular has basically changed the way I do makeup. Because, after all, if anyone can pull off any look, it's clearly Lady Gaga. So how does she make her makeup last?

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Spray your makeup sponge with a finishing spray before you apply foundation, then spritz your face after you apply

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Wait, I know that sounds insanely simple, but I'm not kidding, my makeup now goes on smoother and lasts longer. I did my makeup before work at 7:30 AM the other day and it still looked awesome when I got home at 2:30 AM. (And clearly, I did a lot of different things throughout that long day.)

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Plus, Sarah says she does it for Gaga's dancers and it totally keeps their makeup from smudging all over the place when they sweat. Instead of wiping everything off and reapplying during the show, she can just blot their faces with a tissue and send them back on stage.

Sarah's fave spray is the Makeup Finishing Spray from Skindinavia, but I just used my Fix+ from MAC, and it totally worked. Tell me your fave spray by tweeting me at @AESam!

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