'EE' Creams Are Coming! A Primer on the (Increasingly Silly) Double-Letter Beauty Trend

Charlotte Rudge, Staff Writer

In 2011 BB creams hit the American market like a supernova, promising all sorts of skin-saving miracles — shrink your pores, reduce fine lines, get rid of acne — in one single step. Two things happened: One, women went wild, and proceeded to buy up the stuff in droves. And, two, cosmetic companies jumped on the double-letter bandwagon with wild abandon, hoping to cash in on the craze. The result? An influx of CC creams, followed by DD creams and now — you guessed it — EE creams.
Confused? I know I am. So here’s a little breakdown of the alphabet soup of products on the drugstore shelf.
BB: Beauty Balm. The originator of this marketing madness, BB creams are intended to take care of several steps in one quick swipe: moisturize, cover, and provide sun protection. A few brands get fancy and add extra “benefits” under the umbrella of BB, but essentially, Sunscreen with a tint of color to give a healthy dewy glow.
CC: Color Correction. Targeted at those with uneven skintones, these creams do what BB creams already do, but also diminish dark spots and reduce redness. Another bonus: They usually  have an extra boost of SPF built in.
DD: Dynamic Do-All. Yes, that's really what it stands for. Technically this one's a BB cream and a CC cream combined into one, with the addition of anti-aging and wrinkle-reducing ingredients. Out of all three creams, this one is the most scientifically advanced and treatment-oriented.
EE: Extreme Exfoliation. The latest member joining the team is not a cream, but actually mousse packed with high-tech granules made of marine algae, bamboo stem powder, and other goodies, that you add to your usual cleanser, turning it into a super-scrubby exfoliating treatment. The product was conceived to match the skin-sloughing benefits of the wildly popular Clarsionic Face Brush, according to maker Previse Skincare. The company plans to the release the new cream in March for $40 a tube.
Either it stops here – which I doubt it will – or they've gotta' make their way through the entire alphabet. ZZ cream, see you in a few short years … I'll be waiting, wallet-in hand.