Disney’s Underage Damsels: 7 Princesses Whose “Real” Age Will Surprise You

I've noticed something about my relationship with the Disney Princesses. When I watch a film like Snow White, Cinderella, or Tangled, my mind reverts to a different age: I magically get in touch with my younger self. I am no longer a full-grown adult watching these princesses dance, sing, and go on their adventures. I am a wide-eyed little girl swept up in the beauty, romance and the all-important story. Since I watch these films with a younger lens, getting in touch with my inner 7-year-old, I see the Disney princesses as adult figures … women who are "older." I'm the kid. They're the adults. But, as it turns out, I am way, way off. Disney Princesses are all very young women. The oldest? 19. The youngest? 14. Click through for 7 Disney princesses whose "real" ages will surprise you! -By Sunny Chanel

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