Can a Banana Peel Whiten Your Teeth? We Put it to the Test!

Photo by: Missy

Ready. Set. Whiten!
Now for a little whitening DIY for a natural alternative to brightening your teeth! Word on the street is you can whiten your teeth with a banana peel! I'm kind of a scaredy-cat when it comes to these things, but thankfully sweet sisters (like mine) are willing to put rumors to the test...
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Holiday parties and festive get-togethers only mean one thing: pictures, pictures, and more pictures! Did you know that a smile is the most beautiful and powerful accessory you can wear? A gleaming smile can brighten up your face and light up a room! Start prepping your pearly whites now so they can be in tip-top shape for the holidays! There are tons of great products on the market right now, but I had heard of one natural whitening tool that sounded too strange to actually work -- a banana peel! Apparently, rubbing a peel on your teeth can result in a whiter, bright smile. But does this method actually work? My sister and I set out to put this claim to the ultimate test. Check out what we found. -By Missy

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