6 Tips to Speed Up Your Morning Beauty Routine

By Aly Walansky, Daily Makeover

Find yourself strapped for time each morning? You aren't alone. Save precious moments with these great time-saving beauty tips. You may even end up with time for a second cup of coffee!

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Get a good night's sleep. Planning ahead can help save you time later. "If you don't have any under eye circles or puffiness to hide, then you've eliminated half of your morning makeup routine!" says celebrity makeup artist Laura Mitchell of Angelo David Salon.

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Keep a large bottle of water next to your bed. This way, you can guzzle water right when you wake up, before you even get out of bed. Water will hydrate you skin and get your brain up to speed, says Dr. Gary Goldfaden.

Wash your face in the shower. "Instead of using your facial scrub at the sink, keep it in the shower and use it as your morning cleanser 2-3 times a week," says celebrity esthetician Renée Rouleau. Most facial scrubs contain cleansing ingredients in them, so there's no reason it can't act as a cleanser and scrub-in one.

Curl while you sleep. "While you're counting sheep, create some curls!" says Fernando Salas, creator of White Sands Hair Care. To cut your styling time by up to 90% in the morning-and still look like your spent hours on your hair-shower at night and opt for a pin curl set as you sleep. Here's how to do it: Working with slightly damp hair, loosely tie your hair back into a ponytail near the crown of your head, making sure the elastic is not tight. Taking a 1-2-inch section (the larger the section, the looser the wave), wrap this hair around your fingers to create a curl, using a large bobby pin to secure at the base of the ponytail. Repeat until the entire head is complete. Let sleep work its magic and take out each curl in the morning, using your hands to loosely break up the waves.

Invest in a small makeup bag to hold your everyday makeup, suggests beauty expert and Custom Nail Solutions President Katie Saxton. Keep your daily necessity makeup (mascara, eyeliner, foundation) in a makeup bag that's separate than your main makeup bag, so it's much more accessible in the morning. You can also throw this small bag in your purse if you find you have to skip the morning makeup routine altogether and apply your makeup once you get to work.

Always have Q-tips and a clean bit of water in a cup handy when doing makeup. "A quick dip into water and dabbing, not wiping, cleans up eyeliner or mascara in a flash," says Kim Laudati of Kim Laudati Skin Care.

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