59 is the Age Women Should Stop Wearing Red Lipstick, Heavy Makeup, Study Finds

There is a time to start aging gracefully, and UK beauty product company Nurture Replenish Skincare surveyed 2,000 women age 45-plus and found out that most of you think that's at age 59. This is the age that women thought it was time to ditch high heels, red lipstick, tight clothes and false nails and try to look "more natural."

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"The results of our studies are often quite surprising," Nurture Replenish Skincare spokeswoman told Yahoo! Shine. "We think middle aged is supposed to be later, but women are saying that in the early 40s a lot of things need to be toned down."

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Women shouldn't wear baseball caps or apply a fake tan after age 40, respondents said. Miniskirts and leather pants are off the rack at 41, knee-high boots and even conservative tight tops should be retired by age 45. And tattoos start to look bad by the mid-50s.

Every woman has had her own moments of confronting age in fashion and beauty trends. We'd say that some looks expire much earlier than 40--such as braids (only in your earlier 20s), maxi skirts, pants that say "pink," or anything, for that matter, on the butt, certain light, short, flimsy dresses as the upper thighs...change...with age, and so on.

And we've all seen the stereotype of of the too-youthful older woman, in leather pants, animal prints, a mask of heavy makeup, giant jewelry and--this is the worst violation in our opinion--wrinkled cleavage. Still, we at Shine like to see appropriately dressed older women with bright lipstick, bright nails and beautiful fabrics and colors. Appropriate being the key word.

Women surveyed seemed to agree that they felt beautiful at any age, with 74 percent saying they were happy to let nature take its course without resorting to extreme anti-aging measures. Fifty-nine percent said they looked younger than they actually are, and only a quarter would consider cosmetic surgery. Also, only one in 10 thought that heavy eyeliner was inappropriate past age 50.

The study found that one third of women polled worried that some items in their wardrobe were age-inappropriate, and that 80 percent felt they needed to abandon 'younger' styles as they grew older. What items of clothing do you worry about? What's sitting in your closet with a big question mark hanging over it? White leather pants? Floral romper? Confess!

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