5 Reasons Why Being Your Own Boss is Hard Work!

Being the boss must be easy, right? Wrong!
While we have all dreamt about running the show, being in control of our own schedules and barking orders from the corner office (instead of the other way around!), the reality of being your own boss is harder than it looks.

One woman who knows just how delicate a balancing act it can be is Tricia West, a registered nurse turned businesswoman who oversees numerous businesses, including a medical legal nurse consultancy, is a involved single mother of three and still finds time to gives back to the community.

So, before you hand in your resignation and open your own business, Tricia advises us to take heed of these 5 "Boss" misconceptions…

1. Myth: You don't answer to anyone
Reality: You actually answer to EVERYONE!

Most people assume being the boss means you can finally do what you want; unfortunately the reality is you will now have to keep everybody else happy! Be it staff, suppliers, customers, banks, investors or landlords…you 'd better get ready to become a people-pleaser because the buck stops with you.

TIP: Start listening.

2. Myth: You will have more time.
Reality: You will work harder than ever. Put on your juggling shoes!

If you think being the boss means you'll have more time to do what you love, you are in for a rude awakening. The truth is, you will have less time than ever because you can never truly "clock off". Tricia not only runs her numerous companies, is a single mother to three, she even went back to school at the University of Phoenix where she maintained a 4.0 grade average. In order to do it all, Tricia had to juggle all aspects of her life and squeeze in study, work and family time whenever and wherever she could find it.

TIP: Create a detailed schedule for each day and diarize important activities such as family time or gym time, but be prepared to work around them. "I might have to take off during the day or go to concerts or musical performances with my son, but then I might be working to 2am or 3am in the morning."

3. Myth: Do what the other businesses are doing, but better.
Reality: Look for what isn't being done and offer it!

In order to see real growth Tricia suggests thinking outside the box for needs that aren't currently being met within your industry and then offering to provide those to your customers. "When I was doing dialysis I was looking at these patients that were coming in three times a week…that was pretty much their life. So I was thinking, 'What else can we do to help those patients and give something back?' And I came up with dialysis cruises."

TIP: Ask yourself 'What are my current customers not getting that they really need?' and then make that your focus.

4. Myth: Being the boss means no one says "no" to you.
Reality: You will hear the word, "no", on a regular basis, get a thick skin!

Not everything that you're trying to achieve will be received the way you want it to be. Tricia advises to not only get a thick skin, but to keep your eye on the prize and maintain that focus and motivation during the tough times.

TIP: Don't be afraid of rejection, keep laser focused until you get it.

5. Myth: I need to give up my extra curricular passions
Reality: To stay sane, you need to indulge your passions.

When you're working as hard as Tricia, and most successful bosses do, it's important that you still find time for the activities that bring you joy and refuel your engine. It's these things that keep you sane and happy when work feels all-consuming. "Part of being able to maintain my sanity is the passion I have for the volunteer work that I do. And that includes being a puppy raiser for Guide Dogs of the Desert. For me I need that, I need to be giving back and to be making a contribution".

TIP: Ask yourself 'What makes me feel fulfilled?' Schedule it into your calendar as a reward for all your hard work. You deserve it!