Hot Guys Before They Had Good Hair

There are some things we just can't explain, like Justin Timberlake's curly, bleached blond hair in the year 2000. What happened there? Enter science, or rather a survey from the hair company Fudge (it's what we got). According to their data collection of over 2,000 guys, the male human is a late bloomer when it comes to figuring out his most flattering hairstyle. The study found that most men go through about five styles during their lifetimes, and they don't really settle on their permanent look until they turn 32 years old. That's when they find "the one." It's kind of beautiful, when you think about it, and fairly accurate in the case of male celebs. Here's our very unscientific research on famous dudes before and after their 30-something hair revelation.
By Julie Pereira, Thread Blogger