Holiday Horoscope: The Hottest Zodiac Gifts

Everyone loves a customized gift, but monogramming is so predictable. This holiday season, instead of boring engraved presents with initials, the hot ticket items are stylish zodiac accessories and garments. Get women discussing the topic of astrology and you'll hear phrases like "That was so Pisces of me" and "I always date Cancers." Now thanks to retailers from Urban Outfitters to Rebecca Minkoff to Dior, there are options for these special items at every price point. If you have a special someone who checks their horoscope every morning before even brushing their teeth, then  they're going to love the latest astro gear. And if you're the one who identifies strongly with your birth date, treat yourself and wear your sign loud and proud on your wrist, feet, or tee. It's in the stars. By Joanna Douglas, Yahoo Shine Senior Fashion and Beauty Editor