Healthy Recipes so Inspiring, You'll Glow Just Looking at Them

Can you please pass the kale and millet, because even the most die hard bon vivant among us has probably overdone it on the cheese and chocolate at this point. We're ready to eat greens, we want to put turmeric and ginger in everything, and we want to fit in our pants again. The Shine Supper Club to the rescue, with a recipes to hasten a return to sane eating. Bring it on.

To join us:
1. Write a blog post telling us about a healthy recipe you're cooking up this month by Sunday 11:59PM PST, January 20th. Be sure to include a photo and a recipe.
2. Mention and link to the Shine Supper Club in your post:
3. Tweet @YahooShine with a link to your post and include the hashtag #shinesupperclub. Aren't on Twitter? Email the link to shine_sarahmccoll at We will compile the links for all participants to include in their posts so all Supper Club members can share in the link love.
4. Finalists will be posted by 12PM Monday, January 21 with voting open until 12PM PST Wednesday, January 23. The winning recipe to be featured on the Shine homepage and win a copy of The New Way to Cook Light.