Couple Spoofs Engagement Photo Clichés

Why do some people revert to cheesy, dated clichés when it comes to engagement photos? In our image-savvy, social media-obsessed world, you would think that couples would come up with fresher ideas than the groom-to-be leading his intended up a garden/woodland/meadow path or gazing somberly into the distance while she stares doe-eyed up at his face. "When we started planning our wedding last October and looking at Pinterest boards of engagement photos, it was like people totally lost their personalities," Marian Schembari, a San Francisco-based marketing manager and blogger tells Yahoo Shine. Schembari and her fiancé, Elliot Speed, began trading ideas for photos to crack each other up. But when their friend Malia Moss, a professional photographer, learned about their inside joke, she persuaded them to do a series of spoof shots. On Dec. 14, the three mined every moth-eaten romantic theme they could come up with over the course of six hours dashing around the city. "Marian and Elliot are goofy in the exact same way, it's freaky," Moss tells Yahoo Shine. "It was the most fun I've had at a photo shoot in my entire life." The results are hilarious — and surprisingly sweet. Ironically, the two people who were so cynical about engagement photography are clearly deeply in love.—Sarah B. Weir, Yahoo Shine