Couple Has 23 Weddings Around the World (and Counting)

Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant, a couple from Yorkshire, England, have made it their mission to not only travel the world together, but to throw a wedding in each country that they visit. Their initial goal was to have 30 wedding ceremonies, but at the time of publication, they had already completed 23 in 15 different countries, and were aiming for even more.

Their adventure began in July 2011, when they decided to save every penny they had, sell their house, and live in a 25-year-old camper van they've named "Penny." At the conclusion of their trip, in July 2014, they will select one destination to throw a final hurrah with loved ones present and make their marriage legal. Visit the couple's blog to learn more about their travels and Zankyou UNICEF donation registry.

"The point of our journey is to experience the way other cultures celebrate marriage. It is one thing the whole world has in common - unity," said Gant.

- Stefania Sainato

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