Big Hair, Smoking, and Record Stores: A Photo Journey of Malls in the ’80s

For anyone who can still recall the scent of Orange Julius hot dogs and the surreal sight of indoor trees through a haze of cigarette smoke, Michael Galinsky’s new 1980s-themed photo book, “Malls Across America,” is nostalgia that's not to be missed. For folks too young to remember the glory days of indoor malls, the 144-page collection, released in October from Steidl, is a big-haired, educational time capsule. Galinsky, now a 44-year-old Brooklyn filmmaker, was just 20 when he drove across country with his friend and a Nikon FG-20 to shoot the oddly fascinating mall culture for his color-film project as a student at New York University. “I saw malls as art,” he tells Yahoo Shine. And now, it seems, the world will, too.—Beth Greenfield, Shine Staff