Bad Celebrity Prom Dresses from Blake Lively to Britney Spears

Before they were A-listers dripping with money, stylists, and loaner diamonds, most celebs were just regular teenagers with so-so taste, pimples, and a secret dream of looking like a Disney princess (or prince) on prom. Even Blake Lively, famous for her role as chic "it girl" Serena van der Woodsen on the popular series "Gossip Girl," acknowledges she made a fashion faux pas when choosing her gown for her prom in 2005. According to MSN, the singer said, "My idol was Britney Spears. My prom dress looked like something she would have worn….I had to wear flat shoes with it, as my date was so short." According to a video made by Access Hollywood that date was none other than actor and musician Kelly Blatz. By the looks of a photo we dug up in her yearbook, Brit may have some regrets of her own.