7 Simple Halloween Costumes Perfect for Picky Toddlers

Halloween with an infant was pretty easy. I put him in a cute outfit, I took a picture next to a pumpkin, and that was pretty much it. I could've put Eli in just about any costume and it would've worked out beautifully. But this year is a bit different. As much as I love my toddler, he is a toddler and he has opinions. Some things are good: Elmo, shoes, socks, toys. Some things are bad: hats, anything uncomfortable, anything new. So basically, Halloween is like a train wreck speeding rapidly towards us. When I was trying to figure out what costume to pick for Eli, I knew that it had to hit a few criteria. There couldn't be a hat or mask that "made" the costume, because there is no way of knowing if Halloween is one of the days where he'll wear a hat (those days definitely exist, but are unpredictable). It couldn't be uncomfortable because getting him into it would be torture for both of us. It couldn't be too different from normal clothes because my toddler is scared of new things, and the last thing I want is for him to be scared of his own costume. So with that in mind, I did some thinking and then I hit the web. I did not invent or create any of these costumes, but they all fit all my criteria. Click through for 7 simple Halloween costumes perfect for picky toddlers! -By Katie, on Babble


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