This 4-Year-Old Girl’s Best Friend Is Her Adorable Bulldog

Four-year-old Harper doesn't have brothers or sisters, but she doesn't think of herself as an only child. That's because she spends each and every day spending quality time with her best friend Lola, the family's English Bulldog.

"The series began by accident," Harper's mother, Rebecca Leimbach, tells the Good News blog. "Harper came out of her playroom one day and said 'Ta-da!' I turned around and Lola was wearing a tutu, necklaces and a crown, and she didn't seem to mind. I died laughing and grabbed my camera to take a picture… the rest is history."

The professional photographer tells us that the two have been inseparable since the moment Harper was born. "Lola has always just watched over her," she says. "My struggle with infertility and Harper being an only child also made me realize their bond. It made this series even more important to me."

Leimbach says she tries not to pose them so much, preferring to capture them naturally as they play together. She hopes to continue taking photos of her two babies as long as possible. "We are determined to make sure Lola goes down in Guinness as the longest-living Bulldog in history."

She also had some nice things to say about a fellow animal lover. "A big reason I am such a fan of Ellen is because of her love for animals. I cannot stress enough to my daughter how important it is to love and protect animals of all kinds."

Enjoy these photos of Lola and Harper having a ball together, and check out the rest at Rebecca Leimbach's Facebook page.