Someone Is Spending a Year Making Balloon Art and We Love It

Working clowns everywhere might soon be fielding some very complex requests at birthday parties when the world catches wind of what Meghan Coleman can create. The Ohio-based graphic designer, who works at a retail design firm, can craft just about anything (and we mean anything) out of balloons. At age 12 she learned to bend balloons using the "Klutz Book of Balloon Twisting," but she abandoned the hobby for years until a recent request prompted her to revisit the art. Now, at 28, not only did she pick it back up, she also decided to commit to creating something new every single day and to making 365 balloon sculptures in a year. (She's currently closing in on Day 100). "I'm creative all day, but I needed something else that was outside of that realm of design to push myself," she tells Yahoo Shine. The results have been way beyond your basic balloons, with creations including superheroes, giant snowmen, and loaded cheeseburgers. Each figurine takes on average an hour to complete, and Coleman has created a loose calendar outline that guides her throughout the yearlong venture. There's 25 days of Christmas, 10 days of Thanksgiving, and five days of Halloween, interspersed with chosen themes like Disney princesses and action heroes. Coleman also fields requests from her nearly 40,000 followers on Tumblr. The two requests she gets repeatedly but is dubious about tackling? The guys of One Direction and Justin Bieber. "I have a long ways to go but it will get better and better as these 365 days go on. From my first day doing an owl, I'm already starting to feel more comfortable and try new things." Harry Styles, you could be next … — Lauren Tuck, Shine Staff