VIDEO: Amazing Blind Dog Plays Fetch with Its Owner

by Grieves, Deidre
Just because a dog has special needs doesn't mean he or she can't enjoy all the activities and fun that other dogs experience every day.

Take Kellar for instance. He is an English Springer Spaniel who was born blind, but can still play fetch and run around the backyard with all of his other canine pals.

With just a few commands such as "hot," "cold," "warm," and "passed it," Kellar's pet parent can help her amazing special-needs dog find the ball, retrieve it, and plop it up on the bench for another round.

According to Kellar's YouTube page, he has been with his adoptive family for three years and has learned to respond to over 200 words and phrases!

This great video demonstrates that special-needs pets can have fulfilling and rich lives if they find the right families to care for them.

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