U.S. Skier Rescues Stray Puppies in Sochi

By Amy Sinatra Ayres

A day before making his Olympic debut, 22-year-old freeskier Gus Kenworthy took a break to play with some stray puppies he found in host city Sochi, Russia. "Oh my glob, look who I just found! :) ‪#sochistrays" he Tweeted from his verified account on Wednesday.

He posted pictures of himself with the puppies on Twitter and Facebook, and later said, "Also, for the people wondering, I've lined up kennels 4 the pups & made vaccination appointments. Doing all I can to bring them home w/ me!"

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The treatment of Sochi's strays has been a controversial part of the Games, with animal lovers rushing to save them before they could be euthanized by agencies contracted by local officials. Kenworthy was born in Great Britain but raised in Colorado. He won silver today in the slopestyle event in Sochi for Team USA, but he's already captured gold in the hearts of many of his animal-loving fans. - Read it at New York's Newsday

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