Man Gives Worst Explanation Ever for Abandoning Dog

by Grieves, Deidre |
It's a photo that immediately incensed animal lovers-a German Shepherd chasing longingly after a white car, minutes after his owner tried to dump him at an animal shelter.

But what is even more upsetting is an interview that the man gave to 7 News Denver, where he tries to justify his actions saying, "I gave my dog a choice."

Earlier this week, Daniel Sohn attempted to surrender his German Shepherd named Bronson to the Denver Animal Shelter twice in one day. But when he was asked to fill out paperwork, the man allegedly bolted from the facility, leaving his dog behind. Sohn jumped into his car and drove away with his dog trailing after the vehicle.

"Well I didn't ditch him. I actually dropped my dog off at the shelter where I did pick him up at," Sohn told 7 News in the exclusive video interview. "I actually gave my dog a choice if he wanted to be with me or possibly find an owner he might feel better with."

Sohn told reporters that following the event, he drove to Los Angeles and Bronson jumped out of the car window at a gas station. It is unclear whether or not the dog has been recovered.

The lack of remorse that Sohn feels for his dog is apparent in the video, despite telling reporters that he and his dog had "a bit of a bond." Sohn seemed to believe that since the dog was originally a stray, it wouldn't mind being a stray again. And that is heartbreaking.

There is a silver lining to this extremely sad story-Sohn has been cited for animal cruelty and neglect, according to Denver Animal Control.

Anyone with information about Bronson's whereabouts should contact the Denver Animal Shelter.

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