Heartbreaking Video Shows Police Rescuing a Dog Trapped in Mud for Three Days

by Deidre Grieves | Pet360.com

Local police officers in Williston, Pa., became heroes recently for helping a 13-year-old dog who was stuck in mud for three days.

The pooch named Pluto was reported missing by its owner and was found neck-deep in dangerous slop, according to a report from CBS12.com. The pup couldn't remove himself from the muck and was close to death when officers found him.

Once they discovered Pluto, Sergeant Mike Martin and Officer Mike Kushner of Willistown Township Police wasted no time rescuing the dog and pulling him gently to safety. They handled the poor dog with care and quickly got him to the Sugartown Veterinary Hospital where he was treated and released.

Pluto is now back with his loving family and is doing well. Thankfully the officers were able to save this dog's life.

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