Fashion icon's cat has two maids, keeps a diary

We already knew a handful of things about fashion titan Karl Lagerfeld's white Siamese kitten, Choupette. ("Choupette" is a pet name in French that refers to a retro curly-forelock hairstyle for boys.) Choupette, whom the world first saw sitting near a marble bathtub in a January photo (compliments of V Magazine, at left), enjoys lounging in bed and playing with an iPad, for instance, and while she dislikes TV, Choupette does enjoy books – specifically, eating them (Lagerfeld told WWD in January that Choupette likes to eat paper).

But a more recent chat between Lagerfeld and WWD, highlighted by Styleite, revealed even more details about Choupette's Lifestyles of the Rich and Fur-mous daily routine, including her dining habits, her servants (…!), and her future publishing career. Five things to know about fashion's "very famous" kitten:

Lagerfeld basically stole her from model Baptiste Giabiconi. Giabiconi, often described as Lagerfeld's muse and possibly the highest-paid male model in the world, left Choupette with Lagerfeld over the winter holiday for two weeks. The fashionista cat-sitter turned cat-napper, however, and took permanent custody of Choupette: "I refused to give her back. I thought she was too cute."

Choupette takes her meals on the table, with Lagerfeld. Lagerfeld tells WWD that Choupette "has a strong personality," which presumably includes refusing to act, or eat, like a regular cat. "She has lunch and dinner with me on the table," Lagerfeld says – but she has her own food, and doesn't touch Lagerfeld's. She just doesn't want "to eat on the floor."

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"She sleeps under a pillow." He must mean on a pillow, because if Choupette eats on the table with the humans, we suspect she sleeps on a human pillow, too – a fancy king-sized ergonomic buckwheat one, covered with a 600-thread-count pillowcase and lovingly lint-rolled on the hour by one of the cat's two maids.

Oh, did we…not mention that the cat has two maids?

The cat has two maids. Not just any maids; her own maids, Lagerfeld says, and they work round the clock. "She has two personal maids, for both night and day. She is beyond spoiled." We'll say. We know Choupette is a longhaired cat with a "strong personality," but two maids seems excessive. Are the maids actually thick-necked security guards, hired to prevent Baptiste Giabiconi from kidnapping Choupette back from Lagerfeld?

Or maybe one of them is actually a ghostwriter…

Choupette keeps a diary.

With help from the maids, Choupette keeps track of "everything she did" while her papa was away, Lagerfeld says, including "what she ate … how she behaved, if she was tired, and if she wasn't sleeping." We've heard of pet-sitters keeping exhaustive notes for their clients, but Choupette is insanely prolific; apparently they've already got 600 pages' worth of material just since January.

Lagerfeld seems to think Choupette's "creative team" has a literary future, reminding us that "[French novelist and journal-keeper] Colette had written a lot about cats," and saying that, while he's not Colette, "I think it could be funny to make a little book of Choupette's diary."

We'd totally read that – but what we really want to read is the diary Choupette's maids keep for themselves. "24 March. Pulled meat from Cornish hen by hand, arranged in crystal bowl. Choupette would not eat. Despair." "17 April. Lost coin toss, had to remove little 'poupettes' from cat's hindquarters. Used Chanel scarf."

Is this the most spoiled celebrity pet you've heard of? Would you spoil your own pets that fabulously if you could? And would you read The Choupette Diaries? Tell us in the comments.

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